Celebrating Latino History

Latino PR Celebrating Latino History - September 19 2022

How Communicators Can Shape Authentic Narratives of Latino Communities

Latinos represent nearly 40 different countries, with distinct cultures. How can we speak as one voice? And should we be speaking as one voice? While we are attracting a greater number of Latinos into communications and media, they do not seem to be rising up the corporate ranks as quickly as they ought to be. What are some of the obstacles getting in their way? … As communicators and marketers, how do we see the Latino consumer changing over the next ten years?

Thursday, September 15, 2022, 6 pm ET
Watch the video (Approx. 2 hrs.)

Panel 1. The PR Journey as a Latino

Panel 2. Representation of Hispanic & Latino Communities in PR & Media

Cal State Fullerton’s Latino Communications Institute Student Wrap-Up Panel